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    Coming Soon... WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition

    Coming Soon... WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition

    This is an exciting time. Even though the WorldSkills Shanghai competition had to be canceled in response to the pandemic and control restrictions in China, right now there are competitors are headed to Bordeaux, France for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition 2022 Special Edition. This is no small victory. The WorldSkills organization found a way to make this important event happen. This year as part of the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition there are 62 skills competitions that are happening across 15 countries and regions with 1,000 competitors. Studica is thrilled to be a Skill Sponsor for Mobile Robotics.

    WorldSkills Special Edition Bordeaux,FranceBordeaux WorldSkills Competitions

    In addition to Mobile Robotics, Bordeaux will also be hosting the following skills competitions: Digital Construction, Health and Social Care, Mechanical Engineering CAD, Plastering and Drywall Systems, and Stonemasonry. The opening ceremony will take place on October 18th. The competitions will be held from October 19 to the 22nd. The closing ceremony is scheduled for October 23rd. This competition has teams from many countries competing including South Africa, France, India, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Finland, Columbia, China, Japan, and many more. We are so excited to see these competitors in action and in person!  

    Preparing for the Mobile Robotics Competition

    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection ShanghaiStudica is proud to be a Global Partner of WorldSkills and the exclusive product supplier for the Mobile Robotics competition. All participating teams received the following items from Studica Robotics equipment to be used to build their robots. For starters, all participants need the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, Mobile Robotics Collection. This includes over 1,500 components including motors, servos, electronics, brackets, beams, wheels, and much more. Each team also receives the challenge elements, an accessory kit, a gurney kit, the wall board instruction set, and the work order board. You can view the complete details of the mobile robotics competition that includes detailed instructions for the robot challenge submitted by Bob Tone, an Independent Test Project Designer. Explore more robotics kits for competitions and education from Studica Robotics.  

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