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    Shop Robot Parts from Studica Robotics

    Shop Robot Parts from Studica Robotics

    In this article, we will discuss how you can Build Better Robots® with Studica Robotics. This unique and versatile robotics construction platform offers everything you need to build or modify a robot quickly. You have the option of selecting what robot parts you need or purchasing a robotics kit. This building system is based on aluminum channels, bearings, gears, and precision shafts. With our multipurpose hole pattern, components can be easily connected, with no machine shop or special equipment. This hole pattern also allows for compatibility with many existing build systems. There are a wide variety of options available from structural and motion components.

    Robot Parts Available

    At Studica, you will find a variety of structure components, motion components, and electronics.

    • Structure Components - There are U-channel and low-profile U-channel components.  You'll find flat brackets, irregular brackets, mounting brackets, and plates. Hinges, axles, shafts, spacers, standoffs, and more.
    • Motion Components - Choose from motors, servo motors, wheels, slide rails, pulleys, belts, bushings, bearings, chains, sprockets, shock absorbers collars, couplings, gearings solutions, and more.
    • Electronics - Robotic sensors, controllers, cables, wiring, power switches, batteries, FPV (first-person view), and remote devices are available.
    • Hardware - There are tools, nuts, screws, bumpers, and feet available.

    Robotics Kits

    There are a number of robotics kits available, one of the most popular kits is the FTC Starter Kit for the 2022-2023 season. It includes a variety of elements needed to create a competitive robot including u-channel, flat beams, brackets, mounts for motors and servos, gears, pulleys, wheels, bearings, servos, FTC legal battery and charger, tools, a storage bin, and much more. For a limited time, FTC teams are eligible for additional discounts. Studica also offers a procurement program that allows you to create your own custom robotics kits.

    FTC Starter Kit with Robot Parts from Studica Robotics


    Studica Robotics also offers a documentation hub for FTC that provides a wide variety of information and tutorials. There is no cost for this helpful resource. You'll find information on topics including software set-up, robotics & control systems, programming, and troubleshooting for both First Robotics and WorldSkills Mobile Robotics. Studica Robotics is here to support you. New information is consistently added to this hub. For WorldSkills, visit our documentation and software download site at If you have any questions, would like a quote, or want to speak with one of our Education experts, please contact Studica. We also offer kitting and procurement services. We can provide custom kits of any size. Ask us how you can get a free sample kit or even about sponsoring your next robotics event.

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